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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global trader, distributor and processor of commodity options in polymer and agri-by-products


At TP-Exports, our polymer division is committed to delivering a wide range of polymer types to various market sectors across Europe, Asia and South America. Catering to diverse end-user needs, we leverage our ever-expanding networks to allocate prime, recycled and waste-feedstock material tonnage directly from origin facilities and regional exchanges.

Concentrating on building capacity in South Asia, Central Asia, Northern Europe and South America, our polymer division offers reliable and thoroughly tested plastic solutions, mitigating feedstock risks through our well-established supply-management principles and emphasizing data-driven decision-making using our in-house data management capabilities.

We prioritize long-term collaboration, developing tailored distribution schedules that consider end-user facility requirements and localized market factors to minimize potential supply risks, ensuring seamless and efficient delivery of polymers to our valued customers.

Our polymer capacity is split into three key categories. 

PRIME POLYMERS – We deliver prime polymer grades direct from processors and exchanges to customers requiring strict technical and output adherence. 

RECYCLED POLYMERS – We distribute a range of non-group and group recycled polymer grades, for industries looking to expand sustainability credentials whilst achieving technical output. 

WASTE FEEDSTOCK – We focus on post-industrial waste origins, delivering high-quality polymer based waste conditions to a wide-range of industries for recycling. 

Regions Available:

UK & Europe / Asia Pacific / South America

Commodity Polymers

Commodity thermoplastics; cost-effective, versatile materials, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl-chloride and Polystyrene. 

Engineered Polymers

Engineered thermoplastics; high-performance, specialized output, resistant materials, including Polyamide (Nylon) and Polycarbonate.

High-Performance Polymers

High-Performance thermoplastics; exceptional mechanical, thermal, and chemical property materials including PEEK, PPS, and PBI.


Raw Feedstock

Raw plastic feedstocks; essential building blocks for producing diverse thermoplastics for a modern world, including naphtha and ethane.


We work to set-up, execute and manage commodities across a range of sectors, with the inherent objectives of delivering risk mitigated options and value add through data driven decisions.


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