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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global trader, distributor and processor of commodity options in polymer and agri-by-products

Raw Plastic Feedstock

Raw plastic feedstocks, are essential building blocks for creating a vast array of plastic materials that are integral to modern life. Derived from petroleum-based or bio-based resources, these feedstocks are the foundation for producing polymers with unique properties, such as flexibility, strength, and chemical resistance.

As the raw materials for various manufacturing processes, including injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding, raw plastic feedstocks cater to a wide range of applications across industries like automotive, packaging, construction, and consumer goods products that shape the world around us.



Naphtha is a vital link in the plastics industry, as a versatile and essential hydrocarbon mixture derived from petroleum refining or natural gas processing. 

By facilitating the steam cracking process Naphtha plays a critical role in the production of valuable raw plastic feedstocks such as ethylene and propylene, which in turn are the feedstock for major commodity thermoplastics, which are integral to industries like automotive, packaging, construction, and consumer goods.

At TP-Exports we deliver Naphtha direct from refinery origins, to a range of consuming industries across Central & Southern Asian. 

We have capacity to deliver Naphtha in bulk volumes through various methods, including:

  1. Tanker Trucks: We can facilitate shorter distances and regional deliveries, through tanker trucks. They provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and delivery locations.

  2. Railcars: Our most common method for delivery, through designed railcars or tank cars to transport naphtha over long distances in Central & Southern Asia.

  3. ISO Tanks: For smaller and more specialized requirements, we can deliver naphtha in standardized ISO tanks, which are designed for the safe transport of bulk liquids.

Grades Available


Light Naphtha

1) Condition: Pale Liquid

2) Boiling Range: 35-140°C

3) Applications: Feedstock for steam cracking to produce olefins.


Aromatic Naphtha

1) Condition: Colorless Liquid

2) Boiling Range: 140-200°C

3) Applications: High-aromatic content, suitable as solvent for various outputs, including thinners.


Paraffinic Naphtha

1) Condition: Colorless Liquid

2) Boiling Range: 40-120°C

3) Applications: High-paraffinic content (>90%), suitable as cracking feedstock. 

We work to set-up, execute and manage commodities across a range of sectors with the inherent objectives of delivering risk mitigated options and value add through data driven decisions.


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