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Comber Noil Cotton - An Affordable & Sustainable Alternative

Cotton comber noil is a versatile by-product of the cotton combing process that can be used in a variety of applications. It is formed when cotton fibres are passed through a series of closely spaced steel combs during the combing process and the shorter fibres and impurities are separated from the longer, finer fibres.

Rather than being discarded, these shorter fibres and impurities are collected and processed to create comber noil. This sustainable approach to production ensures that every part of the cotton plant is utilized, minimising waste and maximizing efficiency.

Comber noil possesses many of the desirable qualities of cotton, such as softness, absorbency, and breathability. Additionally, its affordability makes it a cost-effective alternative to higher-grade cotton products, making it a popular choice for many textile manufacturers. Its versatility and sustainability make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce costs while still producing high-quality textile products.

While the majority of comber noil is produced from pure cotton fibres, TP-Exports also offers blends with other desired materials ready for non-woven and yarn-spinning applications. This includes our comber-elastane and comber-PES blends. More information on the different grades we have to offer, along with our local sourcing of cotton in Brazil, can be found in the Agri By-Products section of the website.

Alongside its use in the textile industry to produce yarns and non-woven products such as insulation and padding, comber noil has a wide range of other industrial applications.

For instance, the paper industry uses it as a natural filler material for premium paper products. While in the healthcare industry, cotton comber noil serves as a natural alternative to synthetic materials for wound care products. In the construction industry, it’s used as a natural insulation material for walls and ceilings. Additionally, in the automotive industry, cotton comber noil is used as a natural filler material for car seats and other upholstery.

Cotton comber noil stands out as a versatile and cost-effective alternative to pure cotton that offers various benefits to different industries. Its eco-friendly qualities make it a valuable byproduct that can meet the demand for affordable and environmentally conscious materials without compromising on quality.