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VHP Sugar

We manage and export VHP sugar – a high sucrose sugar suitable for an array of sectors from industrial refining to food production and distillation. 

VHP (Very High Polarity) raw sugar is a high-purity sugar derived from sugarcane, known for its sweetness and minimal impurities. It’s a key ingredient in industrial processes such as refining and bioethanol production, offering a reliable source of fermentable sugars. For food and beverage production, it is widely used and enhances flavour and texture in products like baked goods and confections. Its consistent quality and high sucrose content make it a versatile and valuable sweetener.



Light Golden


Food-Grade Sacks


Our VHP sugar is responsibly managed and supplied through stringent controls that maximize nutritional value retention and contamination/moisture control, making our grades an ideal choice for refining, food production and distillation. 

With our raw sugar operations centred strategically in the heart of major South American sugar-producing areas, we’re able to uphold our commitment to traceability and the delivery of market-leading services.

In bulk or container volumes, we deliver better material solutions.

Grades Available


VHP Sugar

1) Polarization: 99.00-99.49

2) ICUMSA: 1200 UI

3) Packing: Food-safe Sacks