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Brown Sugar

We deliver cane-derived brown sugar for a diverse array of needs, from food and beverage production to cosmetic manufacturing.

Brown Sugar is a flavorful, moisture-rich sweetener derived from sugarcane or sugar beets. As sugar is processed to remove molasses and refine it into white sugar, brown sugar is created by adding varying amounts of molasses back into the refined sugar. This gives brown sugar its distinctive colour and moist texture. It is widely popular in food & beverage manufacturing to enhance flavors.



3-10% Molasses Content


50kg, 25kg, 5kg


Our refined brown sugar grades are derived from sugarcane, with our operations centred strategically in the heart of major South American sugar-producing areas. 

We responsibly manage and supply through stringent controls that maximize nutrient retention, contamination control, moisture restriction and traceability, making our grades an ideal choice for food & beverage applications. This includes our Light brown sugar, Dark brown sugar, Demerara sugar, Muscovado sugar and Panela sugar. 

In bulk or container volumes, we deliver better commodity solutions.

Grades Available


Light Brown Sugar

1) Total Sugars: 96.2 g/100g

2) Moisture Content: 4.8 – 6%

3) Coloration: Light golden brown


Dark Brown Sugar

1) Total Sugars: 96.5 g/100g

2) Moisture Content: 8 – 9.5%

3) Coloration: Deep rich  brown


Demerara Sugar

1) Total Sugars: 93.1 g/100g

2) Moisture Content: 1.8 – 2.2%

3) Coloration: Pale amber, large crystals


Panela Sugar

1) Total Sugars: 84.6 g/100g

2) Moisture Content: 2 – 3%

3) Coloration: Golden to dark brown