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Soybean Hulls

We manage and deliver soybean hull, a sustainable and cost-effective byproduct of oilseed processing – vital for animal feed industries as a high fiber source. 

Soybean Hull is a fiber-rich byproduct of soybean processing, widely used in animal feed. Known as “Soy Hulls” in the US, they are derived from the outer coating of soybeans during oil extraction. They provide excellent dietary fiber, supporting digestive health in ruminants, including cattle, sheep, and goats. As a byproduct, it offers a cost-effective feed option that enhances animal diets with consistent quality and nutritional value. 



Moderate Energy


Bulk Loaded


Our Soybean Hull is responsibly managed and supplied through stringent controls that maximize nutrient retention, contamination prevention and moisture control, making our grades an ideal choice for animal feed applications.

Our operations are centred and located near major cropland and extraction sites in South America, which forms the majority of our origin, allowing us to maintain a strong commitment to traceability and provide market-leading services. 

In bulk or container volumes, we deliver better commodity solutions.

Grades Available


Soybean Hull 35

1) Fiber Content: 35%

2) Crude Protein: >12%

3) Packing: Bulk-loaded, Super-sacks


Soybean Hull 32

1) Fiber Content: 32%

2) Crude Protein: >12%

3) Packing: Bulk-loaded, Super-sacks


Soybean Hull 26

1) Fiber Content: >26%

2) Crude Protein: >9%

3) Packing: Bulk-loaded, Super-sacks