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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global trader, distributor and processor of commodity options in polymer and agri-by-products

Cotton Linter

From leading ginning mills to small-scale producers generators, at TP-Exports our agri-by-products division delivers cotton linters globally to major industries, including paper production and cellulose plants, across Europe and Asia.

Working with ginners in strategic hubs, we deliver various volumes and can preallocate for 12-month periods to guarantee feedstock availability throughout the season. 


Regions Available:

UK & Europe / Asia Pacific


Cotton Linter

Cotton linter, a valuable by-product obtained during the cotton ginning process, is the fine, short fibre that adheres to cottonseed after the removal of long staple fibres.

Boasting an impressive array of applications, cotton linter is a versatile raw material commonly used in the production of high-quality paper, non-woven fabrics, and speciality cellulose products such as rayon, cellulose acetate, and cellulose ethers.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and resource efficiency, utilizing cotton linter not only minimizes waste in the cotton industry but also supports the development of eco-friendly products.

Grades Available


Cotton Linter 1st Cut

1) Staple Length: 9-12mm

2) Trash Content: 6.91%

3) Packing: 160-180kgs in wrapped bales


Cotton Linter 2nd Cut

1) Staple Length: 6-7mm

2) Trash Content: 8.6%

3) Packing: 160-180kgs in wrapped bales

We work to set-up, execute and manage commodities across a range of sectors, with the inherent objectives of delivering risk mitigated options and value add through data driven decisions.


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