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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global manager, processor and trader of petchem and agri commodities

White Sugar

At TP-Exports, we deliver white sugar for a diverse array of needs, from food and beverage industry to critical applications in pharmaceuticals and industrial manufacturing.

Our refined white sugar grades are derived from cane sugar, with our operations centred strategically in the heart of major South American sugar-producing areas, enabling us to uphold our commitment to traceability and the delivery of market-leading services. We deliver white sugars classified under the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA), ranging from IC45 to IC100-150.

Whether in bulk or container volumes, we deliver better commodity solutions.

IC45 白糖

IC45 White Sugar

ICUMSA 45 (IC45) sugar, distinguished by its brilliant white colour and fine granulation, is a premium grade of refined white sugar. Its classification within the stringent ICUMSA limit of 45 IU reflects its exceptional purity, exceeding 99.8% sucrose, and minimal moisture content below 0.06%, ensuring the granules stay free-flowing.

At TP-Exports, we ensure that our ICUMSA 45 sugar not only meets the highest standards of quality and safety but is also sourced through responsible and ethical practices, from cultivation to processing.

Refined white sugar being loaded into a barge for transport, illustrating the bulk handling process of sugar logistics.

IC150 白糖

IC150 White Sugar

ICUMSA 150 (IC150) sugar features a light golden colour and fine granulation, marking it as a refined sugar grade with good purity. Classified under the ICUMSA limit of 150 IU, it showcases a high sucrose content with moisture content managed to keep the sugar granular and free-flowing.

This sugar grade is ideally suited for a wide range of culinary and industrial applications. Its slight golden hue complements baked goods, processed foods, and beverages, offering a neutral taste profile and efficient solubility. IC150 is an excellent choice for those in need of a quality sugar solution that balances cost-effectiveness with performance, making it a staple for various food production needs.

Raw sugar, showcasing its color and granulation size.

IC35 白糖

IC35 White Sugar

ICUMSA 35 (IC35) sugar, also known as Coca-Cola grade, stands out for its exceptional purity and consistently high quality, making it a prime choice for food and beverage applications. Generated from sugar cane, this grade is meticulously refined, achieving a remarkable degree of whiteness, and is recognized for its pure, sweet taste and free-flowing properties.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of carbonated beverage production, including Coca-Cola, IC35 sugar is also perfectly suited for a broad range of culinary uses.

Refined white sugar being loaded into a barge for transport, illustrating the bulk handling process of sugar logistics.