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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global trader, distributor and processor of petchem and agri commodities


At TP-Exports, our cereals capacity delivers a wide range of cereals grades from the fields of Northern and Southern Europe and the rich soil of South America. We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including food processing, brewing, and animal feed, with a focus on delivering low-medium volume cereal demand.

Our cereals operations are based from strategic locations, close to producing crop lands across key regions, enabling us to uphold our commitment to traceability and delivering market-leading services. We offer our customers flexibility in procurement, providing cereals through both over-the-counter (OTC) contracts or against standard futures-tied pricing mechanisms. This approach ensures risk mitigation and offers the advantage of navigating market fluctuations effectively.

Whether in bulk or container volumes, we deliver better commodity solutions.



Wheat is a fundamental cereal grain, cultivated worldwide and serving as a staple food for a significant portion of the global population.

As a versatile agricultural commodity, wheat is essential for a wide range of food products, from bread and pasta to cereals and animal feed.

Our cereals capacity covers a broad spectrum of wheat grades, each characterized by its protein content to suit various applications. We deliver high-protein varieties like Hard Red Winter (HRW), crucial in bread making, to mid-range protein wheat suited for all-purpose flour, and lower-protein types preferred for animal feed and processed foods.




Barley is a key cereal grain, extensively cultivated across the globe and plays a pivotal role in both human nutrition and as a feedstock.

Our cereals capacity spans a comprehensive range of barley grades, originating from the Baltics and Balkans regions. Each grade is defined by its specific characteristics, such as kernel size, malt quality, and protein content, to meet the requirements of various applications.

We provide high-grade malt barley, indispensable for the brewing and distilling industries, feed barley for livestock nutrition, and food-grade barley, which includes hulled and pearled barley for human consumption.


We work to set-up, execute and manage commodities across a range of sectors, with the inherent objectives of delivering risk mitigated options and value add through data driven decisions.


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