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TP-Exports sits at the centre, as a global manager, processor and trader of petchem and agri commodities


At TP-Exports, our petchem division is now solely focused on initiatives to address the issue of petchem catalyst waste, aligning our efforts to foster sustainability and environmental stewardship in the petrochemical industry.

As we pivot towards this area, we’re concentrated in identifying and supplying spent catalysts for recycling and repurposing activities. Ensuring catalyst waste is reintegrated into the supply chain with minimal environmental impact.

Operating across Europe, Asia, and South America, our division manages the critical balance of technical, timing, and environmental demands, to ensure spent catalysts are managed correctly. We are committed to leveraging our growing capabilities to not only supply catalyst waste for recycling and repurposing but also to provide complete spent catalyst transit solutions from origin producers to designated sites.

Regions Available:

UK & Europe / Asia Pacific / South America

Supplying spent catalysts, with a focus on Molybdenum, Nickel and Vanadium contents, for recycling and recovery operations, with complete transit and regulatory solutions.

We work to set-up, execute and manage commodities across a range of sectors, with the inherent objectives of delivering risk mitigated options and value add through data driven decisions.


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